Money Market Accounts

Earn a higher APY while enjoying the convenience of immediate access to your savings. With only a $500 minimum deposit, you can open a Maximum Money Market Account today.  

Golden Money Market Accounts

Arbor Financial has the Midas touch — save with us and watch your future grow at a competitive rate. For keen investors, this is a golden opportunity.

An account that combines safe investment and steady growth.

Saving for a shiny new household item? A vacation that will give you precious time with your family? Setting aside assets for your golden years? An Arbor Financial Golden Money Market is a great place to put your money until you're ready to use it. With guaranteed high yields and easy access, it's an account that offers great value to our members. 

More about Golden Money Market accounts:

  • Interest-bearing account
  • Interest earned on balances starting at $500
  • Free access to Online Banking and Mobile Banking
  • Direct deposit for payroll checks
  • Limited number of monthly transactions
  • Account can be started with any amount 
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Maximum Money Market Accounts

The ultimate account for people who enjoy unlimited opportunity. The ultra-high returns should make big savers unbelievably happy.

High deposits, higher returns — the sky's the limit.

Congrats on your success! You got to this point by making smart financial decisions. Here's a chance to make another one. Arbor Financial's Maximum Money Market allows people of means to reap high returns without putting all their assets in other, more volatile markets. With 7 investment tiers, you can truly maximize your earnings.

Here's some good information about our Maximum Money Market accounts:

  • Pays interest up to 7.5 times as high as regular savings accounts
  • Interest earned on balances starting at $500
  • Tiered rates mean higher yields for bigger deposits
  • Free access to Online Banking and Mobile Banking
  • Limited number of monthly transactions
  • Account can be started with any amount
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* Direct deposits and other Automated Clearing House (ACH) credits may post to your account up to five days early with the Early Pay service. The Early Pay service is dependent upon when the deposits are originated from the sender and received by the Credit Union, and we cannot guarantee deposits will post prior to their anticipated settlement date. The Credit Union is not responsible for delays in posting due to unforeseen circumstances. The Credit Union, in its sole discretion, may determine whether certain deposit payments, deposit types, or member accounts are excluded from the service. The terms and conditions for Early Pay are subject to change, at any time, without advance notice. Not applicable to business, loan, or mortgage accounts.